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Monday, July 30, 2012

Mens Xplicit Crosshatch Funny Rude Mean Girls Suck T-Shirt

Mens Xplicit Crosshatch Funny Rude Mean Girls Suck T-Shirt

More Information
  • British Design
  • Fabric Composition: Cotton
  • Available in three colours
  • Summer 2012 Style
Mens Xplicit crew neck T-shirt. Quality prints to front. Print details to back neck and sleeve.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Auto Blog Samurai - Working Version Free Download


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We all need shortcuts - sounds cheesy, but think about it, we use various shortcuts in our lives
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AAA Logo 2010 Business Edition v3.10 Retail

AAA Logo is a tool for creating logos and professional logos for printing or the Internet in minutes. Start with about 100 models and start creating your from drafts based on the model.

It has a huge library of over 2000 development objects and clipart. All logos are constructed vector-based and can be scaled and rotation.

You can apply different styles to any object to be the face of your company or brand to the logo. There are unlimited numbers of possible combinations of objects and effects. It also includes models of business cards and business letters.

Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7.

Download it for free by tweeting,

Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to Format Hard Drive Without Losing Windows

Formatting your hard drive without losing XP/Vista/7 is not something hard to do, Yesss!!! it's simple. The benefits include cleaning up the registry of unwanted software, cleaning your system of unwanted programs and cleaning your personal information in case of donating your computer system. You can format the hard drive and still keep XP intact. Using your original installation CD is the easiest and safest way to format your hard drive. Plan on installation time of 1 hour. Back up of documents and other software may take a few hours.
Ok let me tell you how to do it!!!
  1. Transfer the documents you want to keep to a removable storage unit such as CDs, DVDs, zip drives or USB thumb drives.
  2. Back up any software you wish to keep to a storage device. If there are several programs, obtaining a minimum 4 gigabyte USB thumb drive is suggested. 
  3. You will need to set your BIOS to boot from the CD or DVD drive, check your system manual for instructions. Insert the XP installation CDc into the drive and restart. When asked where you want to boot from, select "Boot from CD" option. 
  4. Follow the directions on the screen, read and accept the license agreement and press "F8" to proceed. 
  5. At the Options window, select "Install." This will format the hard drive and reinstall XP to your drive. You can either choose to keep the directory structure or reformat. Follow the on-screen instructions from here and complete the install.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unlock Your PSP Now with PSP Hacker

What is PSP Hacker?
PSP Hacker offers a safe and simple alternative to 'Pandora batteries' and 'modchips'. PSP Pandora Batteries trick your PSP to be able to run Homebrew Applications, to play Import Games and Backup Games. The problem with a PSP Chip is that you have to physically open your PSP and install the chip. The mere act of opening your PSP's case automatically voids your warranty forever. Making and using your own Pandora battery involves entering the PSP's service mode which will void your warranty and risk 'bricking' your PSP.

You may go to a so-called 'professional' who will unlock it for you... would you trust someone you don't know, operating a shady business in an even shadier office in a basement, who will ask you to leave your PSP there for a couple of days? Then you come back a few days later just to witness that he ruined your PSP and won't provide any kind of customer support, or even worst, that the basement office is empty and your PSP is gone.

We've heard a countless number of these horror stories. So why not unlock your PSP yourself? What if we told you it was easy and anyone could do it? Our guide, 'Unlock Your PSP', shows you how, in detailed step-by-step instructions, the safe way to unlock your PSP without a chip or a pandora battery. Yes, NO opening of your PSP and voiding your warranty, definitely NO soldering. Just good old software that will not damage anything and that is 100% reversible!

Play Backup Games
Play Homebrew Applications
Play Games From Other Consoles (N64, GameCube, SNES, Sega)
Access to Over 2000 Free Games
Play Region-Locked Games (Import Games)

Is PSP Hacker compatible with Firmware 5.03?
Yes, PSP Hacker is compatible with Firmware 5.03 and below.
Can PSP Hacker void my warranty?
Sony doesn't like the idea of people installing custom software on their PSP. But the nature of software makes it reversible. If, for whatever reason, something happens to your PSP after you unlocked it, you can easily remove all the unlocking software and send your PSP in for repair to Sony. We've never had any customer complain about Sony not honoring the warranty after they unlocked their PSP.
Can I uninstall PSP Hacker?
Yes, you can uninstall PSP Hacker at any time. It will return to its original settings as before you unlocked it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The FREE Online Gaming System That Actually Works


This is magnificent stuff. We were e-mailed last month regarding a site on the internet that someone was directed to via the popular site eBay. The website contains 100% free information, it doesn't ask you for a penny. It gives you a complete run-through on how to PROFIT through online gambling sites.

What makes this site top notch in our opinion, is the fact that the webmaster never asks for your e-mail address. We've even got his eBay ID and when we last checked, he had a 100% feedback score and was well into Power Seller status.

Now, we aren’t trying to stop the guy earning a little bit of cash through eBay, but in his disclaimer it states that the information is in the public domain, which means we copied it, scrutinised it, and now we reveal this information free of charge.

... So what happened?

Our reviewer printed off the pages from the website, and within around 15 minutes he saw exactly how it worked. Our reviewer was able to take full advantage of this brilliant system with no catches and no problems. By the end of the week he had reported to have earned over £1200.

The Test
Impressed by Jason’s claims we visited the website, and followed the easy on-screen instructions. We found the system to be absolutely flawless. Three of us signed up for it and trialed it for one week. Paul played for 8 hours per day for one week (Monday - Friday), Mark was doing it in the evening for 2 hours per night (Monday -Friday) and I committed 6 hours over the weekend. The results are as follows:

Paul - $2225 = £1103.60 in the bank
Mark - $700 = £343.80 in the bank
Martin - $620 = £308 in the bank

We've reviewed 6 other so called "winning free gambling systems" in the past, and they all fall over within an hour, this one is the real deal and can earn you up to £5000 per month - Oh, and did we mention the taxman can't touch a penny of it?

Read on below for the full system explained.

Click here now to add this page to your favourites (you may need to refer to it later)

You are about to become what is know in the casino industry as an advantage player. This guide will give you the advantage by guiding you step by step through the process of winning at online roulette and will allow you to make a regular, predictable income, hour after hour.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This system will only work with casinos online. It will likely not work in real world casinos, as the staff will realise what you are doing and may refuse you further access to the roulette tables.

This Roulette System can be used to generate profits again and again. This system has been refined for many years and we have made a lot of money from it. We teach you the systems and share all of our secrets with you including the best casino to use and the best times to play.

The system is not country specific, this system is explained in British Pounds, but substituting your own currency will achieve the exact same goals.

Now let’s get started..

If you are here looking to learn a way to predict which number will appear next on a Roulette table, then you've come to the wrong place. A roulette ball lands on numbers in a purely random fashion, and as such the laws of statistics prove it is undeniably IMPOSSIBLE to predict which number will land next, or which numbers might appear more often than others.

Don't believe me? Well, go spend your hard earned money on the many offers on the internet that guarantee they can make these predictions. However, the only thing you'll be guaranteed of is that you'll be wasting your money. It's just not possible. Having spent and lost my own money chasing these ideas is what motivated me to write this and make it public, it's time for the little guy to win for a change.

But what if there was a certain method to betting on roulette that turned the odds in your favour? A way to turn the statistics of the game to your advantage to give you a 99.69% chance of winning? A method that some (if not most) casinos dont want you using? Well the answer is the roulette system I am going to show you.

Now before you jump to conclusions, let me point out that this system does not promise to make you over £1 million a year or some other ridiculous amount. What it does show you is how to use statistics to your advantage to potentially make £200 a day by winning £1 over and over and over again. In fact, every time you use this system you have a 99.69% chance of succeeding as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Check out the video of me using the Roulette System.


The secret to successfully using the Roulette System is to be disciplined enough to follow a few simple rules without deviating from them. The rules:

1. Try not to over-use the system. Keep within a limit you set yourself. Try not to be greedy.

2. As you bet, do not deviate from the system's betting sequence (i.e. the amount you are supposed to bet per round).

3. Only some casinos will let you bet with this strategy's betting sequence. Some casinos will recognize you are doing it and not let you continue betting. (I will give you examples of online casinos that allow it.)

To learn how the Roulette System works, what the betting sequence is, and where you can use the system please read below.


1) There are many different kinds of bets that can be placed on a roulette table:


2) The Roulette System utilizes only the "outside bets" and more specifically the red/black even-money outside bets. These bets have a payout of 1:1. What that means is that if you place a £1 bet on "red" and the ball lands on a red number you get your original £1 back plus another £1.

3) The Roulette System involves always betting on "black". (Note: Betting on red instead would accomplish the exact same thing, but for the sake of this description we will always bet black.) The goal is to win £1 over and over again. To do this start by betting a £1 chip on black.


4) If the ball lands on a black number you win £1. Take your chips off the table and start again by betting another £1 on black.

(Note: Black numbers appear yellow on the board because of the black background.)

5) If the ball does not land on black (and hence you lose £1), on the next spin double your bet to £2 on black. If the next spin lands on black you will win £2. This will cover the £1 you lost in the first spin plus a profit of £1. You then clear all your chips off the table and start over again with £1 on black.


6) So the rule is, you always start with a £1 bet. When the ball lands on black (and hence a winning spin) you clear all your chips off the table and start over again with a £1 bet. When the ball lands on red, you double your bet on the next spin and continue to double your bet each spin until the ball lands on black again. (e.g. £1, £2, £4, etc) By doubling your bet each time, the next time the ball lands on black you will win enough to cover all the previous losing bets, plus a £1 profit. You then continue this process until you make your £200 daily winnings.

Example of what happens over 4 spins where you lose the first three spins but win the fourth:

What you betSpin ResultWin/LoseTotal profit/loss

£1 Bet on BlackRedLose £1-£1

£2 Bet on BlackRedLose £2-£3

£4 Bet on BlackRedLose £4-£7

£8 Bet on BlackBlackWin £8 +£1 (£15 Wagered, £16 Won!! - £1 profit)

This might not sound like much - but it takes less than 30 seconds to do - that’s the same as £120 per hour, every hour.

As you read on, you will learn why this betting system works 99.69% of the time....


The only thing that would keep this system from having a 100% success rate is either you do not have enough money to continue to double your bet as needed, or your bet reaches the maximum bet amount allowed for the table. However, as you read below you will see how even with these limitations - you still have a 99.69% success rate!

Most casino roulette tables have a maximum bet of £500. What this means is that you can double your bet a maximum of 9 consecutive times.

Spin #Bet


(The next bet of £512 would exceed the table maximum bet.)

But this begs the question... what are the chances that it could possibly go a full 9 spins without landing on black?? After all, on any given spin you have a full 47.4% chance that the ball will land on black. (The reason it isn't a 50%/50% chance is because of the zero number on the roulette wheel). As you play, with just one spin alone you have a pretty good chance of it landing on black, let alone... what are the chances that the ball would land on red 9 times in a row?

Note: If the ball lands on 0, simply continue doubling your bet as normal.

After running a little statistics you can see that there is only a mere 1.12% chance that 9 spins in a row could occur without a black number appearing.


Or in other words, the Roulette System will work to your advantage 99.69% of the time! (100% - 0.31% = 99.69%) So who says you can't have the odds in your favour!?


So now you've read how the system works, you have seen the video showing the Roulette System in action.

As I mentioned earlier, you can only do this at certain casinos. Considering they only have a 0.31% chance of ever making any money off of you, you can imagine how some don't want to take the chance of having you as a customer!

I use the casinos listed below as they still allow this system to be used.

A lot of people ask me why I would want to tell people about this system, "Why are you telling people? Keep it all to yourself!". The honest truth is, it doesn't make a difference to me if you know about this system or not. My earnings are not effected by yours, and vis versa. It's all down to the individual. It's time for the little guy to win for a change.

What's stopping you? All you have to do is start. That's the one thing that people just don't have the guts to do, to make a difference. Make a change today. Anyone can do this, including you.

Let me remind you not to forget that when your deposit will be added to your account, it will then DOUBLE as the casino in most cases at least match your first deposit. This means you can start off with no risk to yourself by using the casino's bonus. That means absolutely NO RISK on your part.

Let yourself click through the links below be aware that I update this list fairly regularly to make sure the casinos are still are still allowing the system. The casinos below are tried and tested, and they pay out quickly.

Before I forget... as you deposit your money, you'll only need to deposit around £45-£50. Because the casinos below will offer a deposit bonus from 75% - 200%. So you'll have plenty of money to try out the system with!

Note: As you use this system, switch casinos from time to time, to limit your exposure and spread your winnings around.

Enjoy yourself and have fun in the process!

Casino 1
(I have Made the Most at this casino)

Casino 2
(You will get a free bonus at this casino)

Casino 3
(No longer allows this betting method)

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the difference between European and American Roulette?
European roulette has only one 0 on the table. American roulette has a 0 and a 00, making the odds more favourable to the casino. This system works best on a European roulette table.

What do I do if the ball lands on Zero?

Continue betting as though the ball has landed on the opposite colour that you were betting on. For example, if you keep betting red and a 0 comes up, just double your bet as normal until your red comes up for your win.

What are the odds of getting more than 9 Losing bets on this system?
The odds of losing more than 9 consecutive bets are less than 0.31%, the odds are extremely low. Try to think of it as flicking a coin. No matter how hard you try, you will find it extremely unlikely to get 9 heads in a row.

How do I install the Casino Software?
Follow the link to one of the casinos above, and click on the download link. They are very supportive and have 24hour support.

Do the systems work on other Casinos?
It's no guarantee. They may well work for a short while, but in the longterm it will effect your results. As we can't be sure what software the casinos are running. In other words, some casinos are far better suited to this system than others - thank god!

How long does it take to Receive my Winnings?
Depending on the method of withdrawal, only 5 working days. Cheque's can take longer though.

Is it Legal?
It's completely legal. Although in land based casinos they have full rights to eject you from their casino for whatever reason. Which is why this works best in online casinos.

Do I need to Pay Tax on my Winnings?
Not at all. Gambling has been tax free in the UK for years! And is the same in many other countries.

Tips and recommendations

1. Don't be greedy. Be patient and you'll be suprised how quickly the money mounts up! Even if it takes 1 minute to win your first £1, thats £60 an hour.

2. Stick to the casinos recommended on this website. The system has been tested on these casinos and the technique may not be as succesful on other casinos. This website is updated regularly to maintain the casino links.

3. Read the terms and conditions carefully when subscribing to the casinos. They have something called "wagering restrictions". In a nutshell, this means if you deposit £50 you will have to win £300 to withdraw your winnings. Don't panic though! It will only take a very short while to make your £300.

4. Do not stay on the same table for longer than 15 minutes, after this amount of time they just seem to get harder to play.

5. It's best not to play between 1:00pm - 2:00pm as the tables are hard to play during these times. “Off peak” times tend to produce the best results - the tables are a lot easier because there are less players.

6. Do not win more than £225 on one account in one day - you may be barred from online casinos if you are caught. If you want to earn more money, open an account on another casino and rotate between the casinos each day. If you want more money, just keep using more casinos.

Source: The FREE Online Gaming SystAem That Actually Works


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Create A Folder Without Name in Windows

Can you create a folder without name in ms window????? If not then learn it from this post

1) Right Click
2) New
3) Folder
4) Then Holding "Alt" Key Press 255 Then Press "Enter" Key
5) ..::: Enjoy:::..